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Xpress GX 10 LP 1150
High Frequency Trading

REFLEX CES has been designing with the latest and leading-edge FPGA technologies for the Finance market for the last 10 years. We understand the need for Ultra Low Latency for High Frequency Trading (HFT), and therefore work with several IP vendors to provide easy-to-use reference designs based on Ultra Low Latency MAC, Low Latency UDP/TCP - see our Partner section for more information. OpenCL is used for applications such as Risk analysis, and REFLEX CES offers HPC OpenCL BSPs as well as OpenCL BSPs targeting other interfaces such as 10G MAC or QDR support.

Arria 10 Soc SoM Carrier Board
High Performance Computing

REFLEX CES designs with the latest leading-edge FPGA technologies which now compet with CPUs and GPUs in the High Performance Computing domain. Our COTS boards, whether PCIe form factor or module types, are focused to provide the highest possible performance on the hardware side, together with the OpenCL BSP for ease-of-use on the software side. REFLEX CES can address server or chassis development based on customer specification, making the best feasibility study to solve power dissipation challenges. Read More...

Stratix 10 PCIe Carrier Board
IP & ASIC Prototyping

Due to increased circuit complexity, and time-to-market shrinking, the need for verification of application-specific-integrated-circuit (ASIC) and system-on-chip (SoC) designs is growing. REFLEX CES Hardware platforms are more prominent due to the ability to test system designs at-speed with on-chip bus clocks, as compared to simulation clocks which may not provide an accurate reading of system behavior. In order to achieve optimal place and routing for partitioned designs, REFLEX CES focus on FPGA pin count and inter-FPGA signals. Read More...

Xpress GXA 10 LP 1151
Networking Acceleration

REFLEX CES designs with the latest and leading-edge FPGA technologies which now compete with CPUs and GPUs in acceleration and data networking domains. Cloud computing, Edge and Fog computing needs the exact kind of PCIe form factor COTS boards that we offer. Our focus is to provide the highest performance and integration from the hardware side, and reference designs based on MAC or UDP/TCP for low latency data communication. REFLEX CES can offer its expertise by modifying a COTS product with additional/less features or for low cost / high volume production (this is a MOTS), or we can develop a full turnkey design. Read More...

Achilles Arria SoC SoM

REFLEX CES can address the Industrial market with its product portfolio and expertise, from COTS boards, Modified-COTS, to full turnkey solutions (built to spec). The Industrial segment is very wide, we see the usage of high-end FPGA boards or modules in applications such as Intelligent Vision & Augmented Reality, Machine Automation, and Scientific or Chemical Instrumentation.
If our customer's product must face harsh environmental constraints (ESD, temperature, shocks, vibrations, humidity, etc.) or certifications, our Quality and Supply chain department can propose the right solutions, thanks to our long background with the Military & Defense market.

Xpress GXS10 FH800G PCIe Board
Defense & Security

REFLEX CES is active in areas like Electronic Warfare Systems, and is able to address complete projects. Designs are composed of electronic boards, FPGA selection and firmware development, CPU and embedded software/OS, Analog and RF portions, as well as mechanical parts and custom chassis, resulting in a ruggedized system designed for harsh environmental constraints (ESD, temperature, shocks, vibrations, humidity, etc.).
Such systems often use high-end FPGAs, potentially combined with x86 CPU architecture or similar, inside a turnkey form factor, and we are often faced with power dissipation challenges to overcome. REFLEX CES has a Quality and Supply chain department which is aligned to Military & Defense requirements, driving for example: certifications, obsolescence, environmental, etc. Read More...


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